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Is this the end? We sure hope not...

What a time to be alive. What a time to serve others. Those sentiments alone should resonate with all of us. For those who have come before us, today's challenges may seem ordinary. In a time where we can access any fact, fiction, hate speech, or love lesson's all at our fingertips, what keeps us showing up every day for each other? Is it all just the ebb and flow of humanity?


And seriously, Homestead….you sell waffles; what’s so important about that? Why should I read on?


If nothing else, maybe you will find humanity and humor in the ridiculousness of the situation we find ourselves in.


Our Mission

To Nourish the Soul of our Neighborhood through Love of Service, Outstanding Food & Charitable Works.


Neighborhoods are built in Nature to Nurture our journey through life. We all have a fundamental right to grow together, learn together, earn for each other, and to serve one another.


We had a fellow tenant get annoyed by leaves that would fall from nearby trees and collect on our Covid Permitted Outdoor Dining Space. They were also annoyed by the outdoor piazza in general that we built with permission for the community to



This annoyance progressed to passive-aggressive behavior towards staff, moving our astroturf after we were closed, and complaints to our landlord. This escalated to an argument that we thought closed the issue after complying with direct requests.


Well then….they called the City claiming we were violating ADA access. This is incredibly insulting given our mission, our vision, and that we built the piazza with accessibility for all our guests and fellow tenants.


We were notified by the City that we would have to remove the dining room area as it is set up.


Now in a story like this, we all look for the villain. What’s the City doing? What’s the landlord doing? Who is this tenant??? (Don’t ask, our integrity prevents us from saying. We do not wish harm on anyone.)


The City of Solana Beach has been a champion for outdoor dining permits for all of our restaurant peers. They have been a champion for us. Our landlord has been very patient, understanding, and supportive since March 2020. This tenant supported the piazza when we built it as it brings attention to the hidden little center we are in.


The neighborhood supported us when our furniture got stolen, and many others who don’t even live here PAID for the community Piazza we built. The very Piazza we were asked to close down.














It would help if you had an example. How do you understand that your voice matters when you feel like you are witnessing something just wrong? This human reaction, this human emotion, is so relevant and so authentic. We want to be that example.

That is the voice of our future.


So again, what does that have to do with me? Why should I keep scrolling down?


Neighborhoods are the beating heart of this life we all share. What are we teaching our youth if we can’t work out our differences and must find a reason to tattle on each other?


The city has given us a fantastic opportunity to change certain things about this Piazza to satisfy the complaint. But, it is going to cost $$$ Building costs, electrical costs, internet & infrastructure costs as well as additional rent & supplies needed.


After all, we have been through to pivot (anyone else sick of that term??)


After all, we have given to stay here in our Neighborhood.


After all, we have sacrificed personally and financially; we are flat out.

We need your support. It would be easier to say, well,

we tried and pack it up. Why won’t we give up??


Live and in-person restaurants are not a necessity anymore.

Ghosts are running kitchens now.

Convenience is sucking the life out of neighborhoods one dash at a time.

Listen, we have all leaned into our new technology. Us included.

It’s not all bad.Progress is progressive. Being progressive is polarizing.

To polarize is to restrict, and then we are right back to where we started. What is it all for?


A neighborhood’s soul is like the ink on your fingertips after turning the page of your local Town Crier. It’s the smell of a small book store where Auntie has worked for 30 years and always has the best rec’s on what’s “new.” It’s the satisfying feeling of a

crisp page corner that you turn before reluctantly closing your eyes cause you have to work in the morning.


These " simple pleasures " joys” are not so simple anymore. Why? Because the instant connection is faster. But is faster always better? Maybe we should ask the Hare.


We should have to mire through the muck to get the chance to say, "Wow, what a cool feeling." That’s a neighborhood.

We are fighting for ours. Will you fight for yours? We need your help today.

We need your donations to keep our doors open. We need your help not only to survive in this location, through this situation, but to continue our journey of building, supporting, and nourishing the soul of a Neighborhood.


We have until Sunday to make a significant dent in this fundraising effort

Donate Today if you can, but above all else...


Be Nice. Go & Do Good Things. Never, ever give up.


The Brawns


For Every 10K raised towards our goal we are giving a portion back to local children's non-profits. We are going to do our part to help those little voices of our future.  


After notifying this annoyed tenant that their false report could shut down our restaurant, put our employees out of work, harm our vendors, and hurt our community, they told us it was Karma for our previous disagreement.


They had not processed and moved on from that situation. Our son was listening and started to cry. This person smiled and said, "That is on you," then left. Shocked, Stunned? Yeah, us too.


Our child barely slept for 3 days. I asked our dear sweet boy, “How can I help you process this emotion of the experience we just had?” He said something so profound it prompted this entire letter to you. He said, “(They) said I was crying because of you, I was crying because I wanted to say, what you are saying & doing is wrong. I thought to myself, I am only a 10-year-old kid. What can I do?”